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Bukchon Precision Equipment (Taicang) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kitamura Co., Ltd., Japan. It was founded in March 2017 by Mr. Kitamura, the chairman of the board of directors. The registered capital is 20 million yuan and covers an area of 4,344 square meters. The company is located at No. 525, Lingang South Road, Yuewang, Shaxi Town, Taicang City. Beicun Precision Equipment (Taicang) Co., Ltd. has won a good reputation in the stamping parts industry for its superb stamping technology team and high-quality stamping products.

The company is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that entered China earlier. It specializes in the production of precision metal stamping parts, tooling design and manufacturing, and is engaged in processing and commissioning. At present, the company's main customers are Shanghai Pioneer Electroacoustic Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongyang Denso Co., Ltd., Nikon Optical Instruments (China) Co., Ltd., Kemo Plastic (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Thinking Motor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Ningbo Calu Road Office Machinery Co., Ltd. and other well-known customers at home and abroad.

The company currently has large-scale production, with an annual output of 150 million stamping parts and more than 260 sets of molds. The company has 14 advanced high-speed precision punching machines (25T~160T), most of which are AMADA, KOMATSU brand, more than 20 high-speed riveting machines and wire-drawing machines imported from Japan, 3 automatic CNC inspection machines imported from Japan, and 3 corrective machines. 1 set of heat treatment machine, 2 sets of electric discharge machine, 2 sets of washing machine, etc.

The company's core products are precision stamping products for automotive CD/VCD, car audio, automotive switch contacts, cell phone handsets, digital cameras, digital cameras, fire equipment, office stationery and more. The processed materials are mainly made of iron, stainless steel and copper. The CAD software format is DXF/DWG/FDB/FDA. The mold design is mainly for the feed mold and single die. The material is DC53/SKS3/SKD11/45C/CR12/powder high speed steel, hard steel and so on.

The product processing technology is mainly for head processing (pressing), secondary processing (wire processing, riveting processing), degreasing and washing, and baling. Among the cleaning liquids of the products, the company is committed to providing customers with products that are safe to use and using cleaning liquids that comply with environmental laws and regulations.

Our company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 certificates. The company strictly operates according to the requirements. In terms of quality, we have consistently implemented the Japanese QCD idea and constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction. Quality control mainly consists of several aspects: inspection of raw materials when they are put into storage, inspection of the first part of product stamping, inspection of product process, inspection of end products, sampling inspection before shipment, etc. Each product has an inspection standard that is configured according to the application, and the engineering quality and shipment quality inspection work are performed based on the inspection standard, and image measurement is performed in accordance with the inspection system and the tracking management system.

In order to further improve the processing and supporting capacity of the products, the company is expected to invest in a 300T stamping production line before 2013, mainly based on auto parts, which can increase the output value by 20 million yuan. At the same time, pre-expand and improve the mold design and production, and increase the production capacity of mold production by 200 sets.

We accept your opinions and suggestions with full, sincere and open mind. We are willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to create a better future!

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