What is the difference between stampings and extrusions?


The basic principle of stamping is to use the designed mold to make the steel sheet into a desired shape according to the designed process using a press (tens of tons to 2000 tons). Simply put, the stamping part is to use the mold to punch the iron sheet into a specific shape. There are large parts and small stamping parts. For example, four doors and two covers, side panels, front and rear fenders, front and rear wheel covers, front and rear floor are large pieces. It’s hard to live a day, it’s basically a cover, wrapped in the outer shell of the car. Other inner panels, reinforcing beams, middle beams, etc. are reinforcing, and small pieces are basically very Small things; the roll forming process is mainly processed by plastic movement of materials into various shapes of shafts, valve cores and special fasteners. Rolling deformation is a line contact, which is carried out continuously and stepwise, and the required deformation force is small, and one stroke can produce one or several workpieces. Compared with the cutting and grinding processes, the roll forming process not only has high production efficiency, saves materials, but also has high product strength and stable quality. This process is especially suitable for processing workpieces with long and short machining difficulties, especially for annual production. Millions of high-volume products are most advantageous with the roll forming process and the most economical benefits.

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